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General History Podcasts

  1. The Crimean War

  2. The Napoleonic Wars

  3. Was there a military revolution in early modern Europe?

  4. Medieval Warfare

  5. Siege Warfare

  6. Warfare in the classical world

  7. Japan v China – the history of a rivalry

  8. Does AUKUS change Australia’s role in the Pacific

  9. A short history of war

British Armed Forces

  1. The Long View of Britain’s Armed Forces

  2. Where does American Strategy go from here

  3. Britain’s Military Performance in Iraq and Afghanistan

  4. Fighting for the new world order

  5. Were British forces a match for the Warsaw Pact?

  6. The Falklands War

  7. How the British Army fought the IRA

  8. Confronting or managing decolonisation?

  9. From fighting fascists to confronting communists

  10. Allies at war

  11. British forces on the offensive 1943-45

  12. The British Military in the Second World War

  13. Britain’s armed forces during the rise of Hitler

  14. A contemptible little Army?


General History Podcasts

  1. Land and sea: the global reach of Britain's armed forces in the nineteenth century

  2. Napoleon’s shifting reputation

  3. Queens and Queen Consorts

  4. Crown, cross and altar

  5. Crowned heads and brass hats

  6. How Exceptional is Britain’s monarchy

  7. Jane Austen’s Social and Political world

  8. The role of Prime Minister from Gladstone to Johnson

  9. The evolving role of Prime Minister

  10. How imaginative should historians be?

  11. Joined-up strategy?

  12. Conspiracies: theory and practice

  13. Which political diaries are worth taking seriously?

  14. Churchill as a warlord

  15. Perspectives on Churchill

  16. Poirot’s little grey cells


France Podcasts

  1. French Connections

  2. France since De Gaulle: a radical or conservative republic?

  3. Did Gaullism save France?

  4. France between Belle Epoque and Blitzkrieg

  5. How liberal and egalitarian was 19thC France

  6. The French Revolution and it’s legacy


General History Podcasts

  1. Does History have a meaning?

  2. My eighteenth century life

  3. History on the box

  4. What do detective novels tell us about the period in which they were written?

  5. How the Second World War was mapped

  6. Tank warfare – its past and future

  7. George III – a much misunderstood monarch?

Hail to the Chief Podcasts

  1. Hail to the Chief (Part VI)

  2. Hail to the Chief Part V)

  3. Hail to the Chief (Part !V)

  4. Hail to the Chief (Part III)

  5. Hail to the Chief (Part II)

  6. Hail to the Chief


General History Podcasts

  1. Was Parliament more rebellious in the 18thC

  2. Whatever happened to the polymath?

  3. The Ruling Passion: should former prime ministers gently fade away?




  1. Frustrate their Knavish Tricks: Is foreign interference in British politics any different now than in the past?

  1. What made eighteenth century Britain such an innovative society?

  1. How Europe slowly came to terms with the Holocaust

  1. The Portuguese at home and overseas

  1. The grandeur and instability of Spain

  1. Professor Jeremy Black and Graham Stewart discuss the strength of Italy's national unity

  1. Does the Mediterranean have a common culture?

  1. The rise and fall of the British newspaper

  1. Britain’s new East of Suez defence policy

  1. The Grand Tour - what the British got up to abroad

  1. How has James Bond evolved?

  1. Where do we stand with the twentieth century?

  1. Are we witnessing a new age of emancipation?

  1. When did the Cold War actually start?

  1. What does 'decolonising the curriculum' mean?

  1. Is the lockdown causing more problems than it's solving?

  1. Graham Stewart asks Professor Jeremy Black why Britain's armed forces are better trusted to deliver procurement than other state bodies and whether Britons have always held the armed forces in such high esteem?

  1. Can parliament work by zoom and are Universities in crisis?

  1. Graham Stewart speaks to Professor Jeremy Black about historical reactions to national crises


A Comprehensive List of Jeremy Black’s Pieces

(from most recent backwards)

  1. Sherlock Holmes plays the white man -

  2. Murders for later November -

  3. Battle of the leftists -

  4. Murders for early November -

  5. Murders for Late October -

  6. Clash of Empires -

  7. Problems with the universities, number 1241: ‘The Senior Management Group’

  8. Murders for the end of September-

  9. 007’s License to thrill is renewed -

  10. Making sense of the SNP -

  11. Fifth Column -

  12. Murders for Late August -

  13. Murders for August -

  14. Castigating Britain -

  15. Murders for the summer holidays -

  16. Rhodes still stands -

  17. Black Spartacus -

  18. Murders for late June -

  19. Oxford’s Civil War -

  20. What Magdalen Students get wrong -

  21. Murders for early June -

  22. Anatomy of disaster -

  23. Murders for late May -

  24. Should the government launch a culture war? -

  25. Faustian Bargains of the review world -

  26. Murders for early may -

  27. Is it really time for the monarchy to go? -

  28. Murders for late April -

  29. Murders for April -

  30. Books you might have missed -

  31. The wrong war? -

  32. Murders for late February -

  33. Why the narrative on Britain’s role in slave trade is misleading -

  34. The Polish perspective -

  35. Murders for the end of the month -

  36. Three first-rate books on maps -

  37. Louis XIV: a monarch of purpose -

  38. Murders ranging widely -

  39. Murders for January -

  40. Atlases aren’t dead yet -

  41. Ignorance on the Cam -

  42. Mapping the past -

  43. Murder stories for December days -

  44. Between war and empire -

  45. Murders for the onset of shorter days -

  46. Raunchy tale of pedigree chums -

  47. History wars roll on -

  48. The Royal Navy in the front line against slavery -

  49. Decentralisation and the impact of political contingencies -

  50. Criminally good writing -

  51. An undemocratic elite is waging war on Britain’s past -

  52. Jane’s profound piety -

  53. History wars -

  54. Culture wars are about our society -

  55. The facts and the fury -

  56. How much push? Racist anti-racists and the university -

  57. How to climb the academic pole -

  58. A new student experience -

  59. The idea of a twenty-first century university -

  60. Can British history be saved?

  61. Leading by tantrum -

  62. The universities and the need for reform -

  63. Free speech in universities: a case study from Exeter -

  64. Nothing but the truth -

  65. Thoughts on the BBC: reflections of a conservative historian -

  66. Discussing magic -

  67. British Crime Classics -

  68. How to get history wrong: a case study -

  69. Teaching at Goronstoun’s prep school -

  70. Rethinking military revolutions -

  71. Charles Moore’s Margaret Thatchers -

  72. The anarchy lacks context -

  73. The limitations of the university -

  74. A good read but variable as history -

  75. History man -

  76. A flawed masterpiece that will dominate the field -

  77. Might-have-been books -



Jeremy Black, To Lose an Empire: British Strategy and Foreign Policy, 1758-90, Bloomsbury, 2021